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Best Steakhouse

El Corral

Yeah, River Road is all chewed up. There's a lot more development than there used to be, and the setting is losing its charm. But go inside, and it's the same old dependable El Corral that decades of Tucsonans have gone to for celebrations, to impress a date, what have you. Dress, especially in the summer, can be surprisingly casual, so pirates and their ilk won't stick out too badly. Prime rib, steak or ribs are what you want, along with their special tamale pie on the side, a salad with honey mustard dressing and mud pie for dessert. Check out movie cowboy Tom Mix's suit and ask the manager about how he really died in that car crash just north of Tucson.

Runners up:

2. Pinnacle Peak, 6541 E. Tanque Verde Road, 296-0911,

3. Sullivan's Steak House, 1785 E. River Road, 299-4275,

RIP: Gus and Andy's, one vote