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Pinnacle Peak

Readers' Pick: Located in touristy Trail Dust Town, Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse is the place to introduce your in-laws to some outlaws. We always get our name on the waiting list and then hang outside where there's plenty of spitting and gunplay and trot-by shootings. The kids will enjoy riding the little train or, fir the brave, the rickety, wooden merry-go-round. You might even want to belly up to the bar just off the hotel-style lobby while waiting for your red-checkered table to open up. Once there, you start with thick, white bread and the authentic Old West salad consisting of iceberg lettuce, croutons and one carrot stick. Just like Hop Sing used to make! When ordering your steak, choose from four mesquite-broiled cuts with names like the Ranch Hand and Wrangler. The meal itself is nothing to pony-express home about, but the well-seasoned cowboy beans are always tasty and sure to bring up a Blazing Saddles reference of two. Oh, and don't forget to dress formally.

Of Mythic Proportions: Gus and Andy's, 2000 N. Oracle Road. Serving Steaks for 50 years, over 40 at the present location-that qualifies as "institution" in anybody's book. Full bar, dark surroundings, wonderful time warp-they still have "fashion shows" on Fridays. Steaks, chops, some seafood: great food, well done, and a real home for the politically incorrect.

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