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El Corral

READERS' PICK: Great atmosphere at a historic landmark--strains of "Rawhide" are liable to enter your brain as you amble into the converted ranch house--is but one reason this place rocks. They know how to grill slabs of beef here, plain and simple, and the crowd of waiting diners usually gathered outside attests that fact. But stick to the red meat; a p.c.-friendly alternate choice of fish has never been too exciting. 'Nuff said.

B-SIDE: Gus and Andy's, 2000 N. Oracle Road. Clearly the best time warp. It's not only been around for 50 years (over 40 at the present site), but so have Gus and Andy, serving up great meat in its many manifestations, complete with an occasional Montenegrin in the kitchen. It's also probably the last place in town to host those quaint and delightfully sexist fashion lingerie shows in a period dark interior, along with great '50s soundtrack, often of Frank. If you have to ask which Frank, don't go.

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