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2959 N. Swan Road

READERS' PICK: Thank goodness we survived the P.A.N.S.Y. (PETA, Animal freaks, Nutritionists, Silly Yuppies) revolution and can go back to having a great steak without feeling guilty. Actually, for most of us, if we ever felt guilty at all, we were just guilty about the fact that we never felt guilty about having a steak. And now with all that guilt out of the way, we can go to McMahon's and discover a little slice of heaven. Actually, it's usually a big ol' hunk of heaven. Big portions, cooked to perfection, with wonderful sides and a dessert cart to die for. Here's how good they are at McMahon's: When someone in our party asked for his steak "EXTREMELY well done," the waiter didn't flinch and the chef didn't emerge from the kitchen, cleaver in hand, to lecture us on beef preparation. Instead, they cooked and served the steak EXTREMELY well-done and it was delicious.

READERS' POLL RUNNER-UP: Outback Steakhouse, 4871 E. Grant Road; 2240 W. Ina Road. We know we're an alternative paper and we know we're supposed to be all snobby about chains, but we had a barbecued chicken breast filet in there one night that just about made us cry. We really don't care how gimmicky the place or how big the advertising budget, a chain restaurant isn't going to survive unless people like the food. And people like this food a lot. 'Nuff said.

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