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UA Men's Basketball

We know--they didn't even make it to the Final Four, but when fans compile lists of their favorite Olson-era teams, this one will be right up near the top with the Steve Kerr and Sean Elliott squads. Unlike the mercenaries who made it to the national title game a couple years ago and then bolted for bucks, this team had three--count 'em, three--seniors, all of whom were near and dear to our hearts. There was the over-achieving Ricky Anderson, the tough-minded Jason Gardner and the old-school Luke Walton, who battled nagging injuries all year and was considered by many to be the best all-around college basketball player in the country. The overtime win over Gonzaga in the NCAAs and the two Kansas games (a thrilling comeback win at Lawrence and a gut-wrenching loss to the Jayhawks in the Elite Eight) are among the most exciting games in Wildcat history.

Runners up:

2. UA Softball

3. Tucson Sidewinders

Unclear on the concept vote: "Wildcats" got 24 votes. This is a sign that the UA should launch a massive PR campaign to alert the public that ALL of the UA teams are "Wildcats," not just the men's basketball team.

Sign of the impending apocalypse: UA Football (one vote)

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