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Best Sports Bar

Trident Grill

The trident is a touchy symbol around these parts, being it is the logo for our loathed in-state brethren up north. However, Trident Grill has given it a new meaning for us Wildcats. They have taken the sports bar scene to a new level. Their menu is more Eastern-seaboard gastropub (you HAVE to try the clam chowder!) than your typical re-heated fare that sports bars rely on. Trident has more than two dozen beers on tap, which they serve with perfect pours every time. One of the few places where you can watch the game on the flat screen, or you can pre-game there and walk to the arena! They are a Redskins bar, but with all they do right, we'll let that slide.

Runners up:

2. RJ's Replays

5769 E. Speedway Blvd.


3. Fini's Landing

5689 N. Swan Road


The "It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday" award: Five votes for "World Sports Grille"