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Best Sports Bar

The Depot (a.k.a. The Fort Lowell Depot)

READERS' PICK: Johnny Hartman may have been willing to lead a lush life in some small dive, but he would have missed Monday night football, not to mention March Madness. That's a hell of a way to punish yourself over a dame. Drowning yourself in booze is one thing, but depriving yourself the elegance of the triple play while you do it is sheer lunacy. Thank goodness the Fort Lowell Depot has plenty of booze and televisions while you attempt to get your game back on or figure out whether you had game to begin with. If not, you can forget your troubles while watching live sporting events and participating in a game of pool for good measure.

B-SIDE: Rusty's, 2075 W. Grant Road. If you can't get anyone to take you out to the ball game, you might consider catching the game, match or race on one of the 25 screens at Rusty's. The interior's design is reminiscent of a semi-intimate concert venue with a good view--of the tube--from every angle, including upstairs. Rusty's greatest hits include the Chicken Classic Salad (you'll scratch), the Dragon's Breath Burger (you'll puff) and the New York Cabby Sandwich (you'll spread the news). For those who don't want the roar of the crowd, Rusty's features a family restaurant in the back.