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Famous Sam's

Twelve locations

READERS' PICK: While the 12 Famous Sam's franchises in town are year-round favorites with sports fans, they're extra special once the pigskins start flying. And we're not talking about a NAFTA trucks skidding off the road near Sonoita, spilling its load of pork bellies. While that kind of flying pigskin can be fun, nothing matches football season. And on Sundays during NFL season, your local Famous Sam's is the place to be. Delicious food, killer fries, lots of big TV sets, and a real family atmosphere. Plus, if you're a diehard fan of a particular franchise, some of the restaurants cater to specific teams and their fans. The one on Speedway and Pantano is a Steelers den; North Silverbell's a Cowboys hangout; and the one on North First Avenue is for fans of the new Cleveland Browns (which at press time had played exactly zero NFL games). We called the Famous Sam's corporate offices for information, but no one was ever there. They must be Rams fans, because they're always out to lunch. Get it? Rams fans. Out to lunch. READERS' POLL RUNNER-UP: Bob Dobb's, 2501 E. Sixth St. You may not realize it, but Bob Dobb's Bar and Grill is named for none other than J.R. "Bob" Dobbs, a powerful deity worshipped by the Church of the Subgenius, which promises eternal salvation or double-your-money-back. To cut to the chase -- and to ignore all the good stuff about UFOs, Yeti genetics, the Escape Crafts of the Sex Goddesses and the orgozmonic radiation -- the church basically teaches that we're all victims of a "conspiracy of normals" which works to rob us of our "slack," defined, sorta, as "something for nothingness."

We can't think of a better description of watching a ball game on the tube at Dobb's.

Glory be to Bob -- and Go Cats!