Best Of Tucson®

Best Spectacle

The Rodeo Parade

STAFF PICK: Yee Haw! You don't need to be horse crazy to appreciate the grandeur of the Rodeo Parade (always the last Thursday in February). Watch for celebrities like Michael Goodrich and Smokey the Bear. Thrill to high-school marching bands, marching stoically through horse poop while playing "Rawhide." The Mormon Battalion! The Buffalo Soldiers! The Border Patrol! The high-stepping Charros and the Escaramuzas in fabulous dresses! Tucson Fire Department's cherried-out, horse-drawn, 1910 fire truck with cute firemen! Cotton candy to smear all over your face! Foam lizards! Tucson's own debutantes, the Florecitas! Perky horses, tired horses, steppin', stylin' horses, curly ponies, brush-tailed mules, riderless horses honoring the dead! Little Miss, the tiniest of Rodeo Royalty! We love the Rodeo Parade!