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Best Spectacle for Charity

Komen Race for the Cure

READERS' PICK: 'S wonderful, 's marvelous that you should care for me. The Susan G. Komen Foundation has 75,000 volunteers and 116 affiliates across the United States. In 2001 it distributed $22 million in nationwide grants. The Komen Race for the Cure engages thousands of people from Southern Arizona in a celebration of care, hope, survival, assistance and road racing. There is a race for everyone. The pink-shirted cancer survivors start with their race and inspire everyone else. The fast joggers are timed in their own race, while the walkers and slower joggers, of which there are thousands, seem to have the most fun talking and laughing and trying to keep up with their friends. Many participants celebrate the lives of victims and survivors by wearing a celebration card pinned to their racing shirt. We've seen whole families wearing shirts with a picture of their loved one.

B-SIDE: ZOOcson at Reid Park Zoo. We won't be able to enjoy the Feast with the Beasts at ZOOcson this year. The annual fund raising event to support the lifestyles of the furry and feathery will take a one-year hiatus because of much-needed construction on the Reid Park Zoo entrance. We will miss our annual stroll through the zoo, sampling food offered by many of Tucson's best restaurants. The evening is made more fun by the musicians taking the place of the animals, who have gone to sleep. Raffles, auctions and on-stage performances complete the evening. If we can't feast this year we can always indulge our zoological fantasies by making a selection from the Carnival of Animals and adopt one for a year. Perhaps a swan would be nice. Adopters have a special night when they can meet and bond with their beast.