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Trader Joe's

The more you shop at Trader Joe's, the less you want to put up with supermarkets. Trader Joe's wide selection of reasonably priced foodstuffs (many unavailable elsewhere) can't be beat. Fresh produce, cooking oils, vinegars, coffees, teas, wines, cereals, breads, dozens of delicious gourmet-quality sauces for a variety of ethnic dishes, frozen foods (including wild salmon) and a large stock of well-priced organic items are only a fraction of what you'll find. You can also stock up on supplements, personal items and necessities for Fido or Tabby. And during the holiday season, Trader Joe's carries a plethora of specialty items--for yourself or gift-giving. You'll also find colorful bouquets at good prices, so you won't have to choose between bread and roses.

Runners up:

2. Roma, 627 S. Vine Ave.

3. Rumrunner Wine and Cheese Co., 3200 E. Speedway Blvd.

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