Best Of Tucson®

Best Southside Outdoor Dining

Birrieria Godoy, North side of Ajo Road at Liberty Street; Raspados de Fruta Naturale, 36th Street at Sixth Avenue

Each of these little establishments offers outdoor seating with a view of the unique street traffic. Birrieria Godoy is a small, white van that offers a bowl of Mexican birria. This is very tender beef in a broth. A small bowl contains the chopped cabbage and onions that you spoon into your soup with a bit of cilantro and a squeeze of lime to add sparkle. Very hot and very fat tortillas accompany the birria. Drink a horchata or soda bottled in Mexico. Then, head up Sixth Avenue to 36th Street to Raspados de Fruta Naturale. It can't be missed, as the entire building is painted with fruit. Raspado is crushed ice covered in fruit sauce. Ice cream and cream can be put on top. Yum!