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Best South Tucson Restaurant

Mi Nidito

Where did President Bill Clinton eat when he came to town? At Mi Nidito, of course. Someone on his staff was from Tucson and steered him right, so now there's a booth and a mammoth combination plate named in his honor. Clinton's visit put the presidential seal of approval on what was already local opinion: Mi Nidito is the best restaurant in South Tucson (translation: the best Mexican restaurant in the solar system). Everyone knows that the scene is fun, and the chile rellenos are without compare, so a two-cerveza wait on weekend nights is just part of the deal. People who care about food have been cramming themselves into Mi Nidito for 50 years for a reason.

Runners up:

2. El Torero, 231 E. 26th St.

3. Micha's, 2908 S. Fourth Ave.