Best Of Tucson®

Best Source for Superhero Costumes

Goodwill Outlet

This place is a costumer’s hidden paradise. Anything too strange to sell at a regular Goodwill location ends up here—and that means COSTUMES! Thousands of pounds of clothing (and props) move through here every week. If you don’t know what form your superhero persona should take, come here, and be inspired. Here’s what turned up on a recent foray: a floor-length green fake-fur bathrobe for Swamp Thing; six yards of Louis XIV goldthreaded damask fabric for Baroque Babe; a size 42 DDD bra for GRAND-ma; toddler-size red tights and a bag of stuffing (stuff tights and wear on head) for He-Devil; and a London Fog trench coat with zip-out fur lining for Clark Kent. The store always has lots of different colors of sheets, too, if you need a cape. Everything is $1.29 per pound, so you can afford to go wild with a pair of scissors and a glue gun.