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Best Sonoran Hot Dogs

El Guero Canelo

Whoever came up with that "less is more" thing has obviously never had a Sonoran-style hot dog, particularly the bountiful beauties blessing our burg courtesy of El Guero Canelo. These dressed-up doggies include bacon, grilled onions, beans, mayo, mustard, tomatoes and jalepeño sauce resting in the softest, sweetest bun ever—and you won't even be tempted to apply the "less is more" thesis here. You probably shouldn't give yourself the opportunity to be tested thusly on a daily basis. However, we've heard that living in the heat-saturated valley of Tucson—something in the water, perhaps—actually helps counter the calories and cholesterol of these babies. (OK, just kidding.)

Runners up:

2. BK Carne Asada and Hot Dogs

2680 N. First Ave.


5118 S. 12th Ave.


3. Aqui Con El Nene

Food truck at corner of Wetmore and Flowing Wells roads

R.I.P.: J Bar, nine votes