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Best Sonoran Hot Dogs

El Güero Canelo

You know you've attained a certain level of success when some bozo tries to threaten you when he thinks you've invaded his territory. So many folks have been craving El Güero Canelo's take on Sonoran hot dogs—plump, juicy franks nestled with bacon, tomatoes, mayonnaise, beans, mustard, grilled onions and jalapeño sauce in the softest, sweetest bun of a bed—that two locations in town weren't enough. So when Daniel Contreras announced he was opening a new El Güero Canelo on 22nd Street, an alleged extortionist, who had a food cart in the neighborhood, ordered Contreras to cough up $600,000, or else. The "or else" turned out to be a date with the police for the bozo.

Runners up:

2. BK Carne Asada and Hot Dogs

2860 N. First Ave.


5118 S. 12th Ave.


3. Aqui Con El Nene

Food truck at Wetmore and Flowing Wells roads