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Best Sonoran Hot Dogs

El Guero Canelo

We're pretty sure that Calexico wasn't really singing about this joint in the show-stopping "Guero Canelo," but the Sonoran hot dog here does deserve some sort of musical tribute. Check out how the flavors complement and contradict each other, from the soft dog to the crunchy bacon, from the hot salsa to the smooth mayo. The Sonoran dog brings together all the important food groups in one meal that spans many cultures in the most delicious way possible, and no one does it better than Guero Canelo. Give state Sen. Russell Pearce one of these, and he'll happily embrace sanctuary cities.

Runners up:

2. BK Carne Asada and Hot Dogs

5118 S. 12th Ave.


2680 N. First Ave.


3. TIE

Cart in Food City lot at 22nd Street and Country Club Road


3770 E. Sunrise Drive