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Best Sonoran Hot Dogs

El Guero Canelo

The writer Jim Harrison once wrote that only in the Midwest is eating considered to be an Olympic sport. Or something like that--he was quoting his pal Jack Nicholson. Nevertheless, here in Tucson, you'll be tempted to engage in your own private little gustatory Olympics at El Guero Canelo. These are hands-down the best Sonoran hot dogs in town--wrapped up in bacon and cradled in just the right amount of beans, grilled onions, tomatoes, mayo and mustard, and then topped with just a touch of jalapeño sauce. The rest of El Guero Canelo's menu is terrific (they even serve breakfast), but it's the Sonoran hot dogs that are the gold-medal winners.

Runner up:

2. BK's, 5118 S. 12th Ave., 295-0105; 2680 N. First Ave., 207-2245

Unclear on the concept: Hometown Buffet, one vote