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Best Sonoran Hot Dogs

El Guero Canelo

The original location sits across the street from "Friendly Plaza." A sign warns the unwary, "Do Not Forget Your Hot Dogs--We Are Not Responsible Anymore." Obviously they have serious pirate trouble here--people could take your hot dogs when you're not looking! Once you've had one, you'll know why. You order a hot dog, with everything on it. What you get is the most wonderful, soft and flavorful bolillo-like bun. Cradled gently inside is your hot dog. But this ain't no gringo hot dog. It comes wrapped in bacon with beans (not too many), salsa, onions, mustard and mayo. This is a real foodie treasure. It's a family place, immaculately clean, with one of the largest open-air dining areas in town. It's the real deal.

Runners up:

2. BK's, 5118 S. 12th Ave., 295-0105

3. Pat's Drive-In, 1202 W. Niagara St., 624-0891