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Ultimate Smoothies

2751 N. Campbell Ave.

READER'S PICK: The most famous smoothie beverage was concocted by Rocky Balboa in the original Rocky movie, in which our hero showed his dedication to training by cracking something like a dozen raw eggs into a glass, without even employing a blender in their disguise. Then he kicked ass! But just like athletic shoes and jogging suits, the smoothie has evolved over the last two decades into something more expensive and elaborate, and utterly salmonella free. Ultimate Smoothies start with real fruit, with ingredients like wheat germ, echinacea and bee pollen taking the place of the now fallen-from-favor raw eggs. Not surprisingly, they taste a lot better, and are a lot better for you. Choose from about 25 varieties, with the largest size still under five bucks, and plenty of extras to concoct your own anti-oxidant, protein-enhanced, ass-kicking potion.

READERS' POLL RUNNER UP: Caribbean Squeezers, 845 E. University Blvd. Caribbean Squeezers, on the UA main drag between Park and Euclid avenues, serves up truly gargantuan bevs of frosty delight, spiked with your choice of performance-enhancing supplements (absolutely necessary for rejuvenating sluggish students). Add the healthy mix of yogurt, berries, bananas and more exotic fruits (mango, passion fruit, pineapple and coconut), and you've got an energizing afternoon snack that'll last all the way through calculus.

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