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Best Smoothie

Xoom Juice

Get fresh. Xoom Juice uses 100 percent unsweetened juices, fresh fruits and organic dairy or soy products, along with supplement blends to fight colds, cure hangovers, stimulate brainwaves and relax stressed-out minds. A hip mix of a modern, almost futuristic décor and old-fashioned customer service keeps us coming back for more. Smoothies with monikers like black and blue, floo fighter, maximus cactus and apple pie in the sky pique our curiosity to keep sipping away. Ho, ho, ho, better than a bottle of rum. Beyond the fruity smoothie, Xoom Juice creates a new vocabulary of TeatonicsTM (smoothies made with tea) and InfusionalsTM, smoothies made with espresso shots, chocolate syrup, fruits and frozen yogurt. Keep on thirstin'.

Runners up:

2. Jamba Juice, Various locations,

3. Keva Juice, 8250 N. Cortaro Road, 572-7575; 10785 N. Oracle Road, 297-8122,