Best Of Tucson®

Best Signature Cocktail

The Scorpion at Kon Tiki Restaurant and Lounge

It comes in a bowl with a long straw that allows you to sit back, let your arms hang down and sip. Look, its liquor, folks—a big bowl of alcohol that over the years has become part of people's stories, part of their mythology. It's that big-ass Scorpion drink at that cool tiki place. Back then, we said, "Give me that gigantic drink, please." You're grown up now, and you order it by its proper name, and you even hold the straw. But you know you're there for the same reasons as before.

Runners up:

2. The Knockout at Sullivan's Steak House

1785 E. River Road

299-4275, website

3. The Basil Collins at Barrio Food and Drink

135 S. Sixth Ave.