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Raul Rodriguez

STAFF PICK: Were your boots made for walking? Ya gotta keep 'em clean and shined if you're working for a living downtown. Hop up on a chair in the mayor's office--that is, El Alcalde de La Placita, Raul Rodriguez, who has been helping lawyers, judges, politicians and even a few scruffy reporters put their best foot forward for more than 15 years at the downtown office complex, 110 S. Church Ave. Rodriguez is talented and quick. And though he's done much in his life, from military service to mining, he knows this trade. He uses top cleaners and polish. Drop by for a shine and some laughs and some history. This is a no-spin zone. You'll get the truth behind what was reported today or last night. You can also drop off your shoes for later pick-up. El Alcalde will leave you with one doubt: that he charges enough.

B-SIDE: Next to Bruegger's on Stone Avenue near Congress Street, Cat and the gals do a brisk business shining shoes and images. This Cat has become a media favorite in her historic shop that has housed some of the city's finest.

B-SIDE: Need more than a shine? Head south to Pat's Shoe Shop, 5325 S. 12th Avenue. Pat is a true craftsman who can handle all heel and sole work at moderate prices. He can do precision work and is a magician in changing the color of your shoes or boots. Many others timid about dyes sub the work to Pat, as they did for the years when he had popular shops downtown. Poker tips while U wait.

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