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Best Sex-Toy Shop


In recent years, there has been a profusion, dare we say an explosion, in sex-toy technology and ergonomic design. Fascinations has an entire room devoted to an eye-opening variety of adult toys in every shape and size imaginable, plus some that, frankly, stretch the imagination. There are wands, rabbits, butterflies, dolphins, pseudo-orifices and bullets, as well as traditional dongs, dildos and vibes. There are also lots of lubes and other accoutrements, such as lingerie, clothing, candles, videos, books and bachelor/bachelorette party supplies. If you plan to face the end with a big O and a smile, check out Fascinations. Maybe you'll make the earth move ... and perhaps that will knock the planet out of the path of destruction, and we'll all be saved!

Runners up:

2. Adult Expectations

2505 N. Stone Ave.


3. Continental Adult Shop

2655 N. Campbell Ave.


Votes of note: Jon Justice, two votes