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Best Sex-Toy Shop


The term "adult shop" may bring to mind a creepy location, hygienically suspect, with leering, dysfunctional types lurking in the shadows and a fat, middle-age loser in a sweat-stained T-shirt breathing heavily behind the counter. Fascinations is the absolute antithesis of this stereotype. The surroundings are so clean, bright and lurker-free, you'd think you were in a Walgreens--except for the fact that the young, enthusiastic staff is actually eager to help you. (Of course, you probably won't find too many of these products at your neighborhood Walgreens.) To start your next amorous adventure, this hedonistic oasis in midtown Tucson is the place. Catering to just about every erotic taste, Fascinations stocks sexy apparel, books, magazines, movies, games, toys, lubricants, cards, posters, party gear and fun novelty items--including the always popular "Grow Your Own Penis."

Runners up:

2. Adult Expectations, 2505 N. Stone Ave., 623-8095

3. Continental Adult Shop, 2655 N. Campbell Ave., 327-8402