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Sex used to be under wraps, behind closed doors; if you got lucky, you'd be doing the-you-know-what in your father's rumble seat. Fast-forward several decades, where sex is more in your face (pun intended) and louder, as in battery-operated. Voluptuous vibrators of every color, size and texture tantalize the fairer sex and their admirers. Since women didn't celebrate having orgasms until the late 1960s, female-friendly Fascinations continues to fill the void with a helpful customer service staff better known as romance educators. Dress up or undress fashionable fantasies in leather bustiers, fishnet stockings and feather boas.

Runners up:

2. Adult Expectations, 2505 N. Stone Ave., 623-8095
3. Hydra Leather and More, 145 E. Congress St., 791-3711

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