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Best Seedy Rehearsal Building for Bands Seeking Street Cred

Francisco Studios

You've probably passed Francisco Studios (simply "Pennington" to its part-time inhabitants) on your way to Café Poca Cosa. Or maybe to the city courthouse. If the former, you may not be the type to even set foot in these studios, known for their super-crappy paintjobs and none-too-clean quarters. But if you're in an up-and-coming—or totally crappy (it doesn't matter)—musical ensemble, definitely consider this building for rehearsals. Almost every local band we can think of has practiced here, from Gat-Rot to Ultramaroon, so a studio is a must-rent for any band with just enough bucks to be centered centrally—but not quite enough cash to get restrooms with mirrors. What do you get? Twenty-four-hour access, a secure room and even an adjacent head shop. (Though we wouldn't predict a very magical head trip if you choose to take one in this place's dirty maze of hallways. Just maybe a rocker status among the locals.)

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