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Kingfisher Bar & Grill

READERS' PICK: You need to eat something that's been swimming in the ocean? You come here. This groovy joint offers everything from oysters to cabrilla, mahi-mahi to delicious shrimp cakes, consistently pleasing audiences with great service, a friendly atmosphere, jazz and blues on Mondays and meticulous attention to dissipating cigarette smoke from the bar area. The summer Road Trip specials hit just the right note, too.

B-SIDE: Mariscos Chihuahua, various locations, but try 3901 S. Sixth Ave. for the live music on Sundays. Lalo Guerrero's "Tacos for Two" inspired the following: In a Mariscos Chihuahua café, that's where I met my love one day. It was a romantic rendezvous, and as she sighed she ordered ceviche for two. That tasty ceviche was just right. So I had another bite. I then got some culichi, shrimp smothered with creamed chili; that's garlicky, too. My taste buds were burning, for mariscos they're yearning, so we both ordered another plate, 'cause our palates had shellfish earning. And by Chihuahauan seafood delight, we knew we'd have more food this night. I also recommend the fried fish to you. There is enough to love in all this. You cannot go wrong at all, Miss. But don't forget the ceviche for two.

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