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Best Seafood Market

17th Street Farmers' Market

STAFF PICK: When the B-52s come to Tucson and want to fill their VW van up with rock lobster, they go to the 17th Street Farmers' Market. You won't find fresher fish in town. Now, the squeamish might bring up the fact that we live in the desert, and relative freshness may not be all that impressive. But even though the seafood at the 17th Street Farmers' Market is flown in, we think coast and island dwellers will agree that the catches you find here are pretty darn good. What's more, on Friday and Saturday you can buy your ceviche by the pound, a staple for all Latinos and Latino sympathizers. Whether you want whole fish or filets, the tide is high and we're moving on to the 17th Street Farmers' Market. It's surely Tucson's number one.