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Best Saturday Morning Adventure for Kids

Rocks and Ropes

Has Saturday morning at your house become a nefarious cartoon land? Do the kids gaze zombie-like at the boob tube or squabble over the remote while they bury your sofa under donut crumbs and Gogurt wrappers? If this sounds all too familiar, check out Rocks and Ropes' "Kids Climb." On Saturdays from 9 to 11 a.m., Tucson's indoor rock-climbing gym is open only to the younger-than-12 set, from the complete beginner to the advanced climber. Just $12 per child includes all necessary equipment and two hours of vertical fun. Even better, the gym provides experienced belayers who really know what they're doing, freeing you up to shoot miles of video of the little darlings climbing the walls in a place where that sort of thing is actually encouraged.

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