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La Salsa

Reader's Pick: At the dawn of time, we like to think, a jaguar headed god appeared above the green fields of Mesoamerica and commanded that mortals should thereafter enjoy a concoction made of fresh tomatoes, chiles, cilantro, and other goodies. La Salsa Fresh Mexican Grill has lived by the god's commandment, and devotedly: it's salsa bar contains wondrous concoctions ranging from mild tomato based blends that won't scare your inner Scandinavian to ferocious tomatillo brews that will put your sinuses in overdrive. Locally made, fresh, and delicious: this is the stuff of paradise.

Readers' Poll Runner-up: Rosa's Mexican Restaurant, 1750 E. Fort Lowell Road. In his legendary 23-year career, Hank Aaron hit a record 755 baseballs out of the park. In its 32 years of business, Rosa's has hit a home run with its salsa every night. Ready and waiting on the table in a Mayan style black bowl, a plentiful portion of salsa is presented with a nice red color and bits of cilantro, onion, and tomato mixed in. Spicy, but not too hot, it leaves a pleasing taste lingering on the tip of your tongue. A bowl of fresh, slightly salty chips is also provided, and more provided with no charge with the purchase of a meal. Rosa's salsa and chips are the perfect compliment to a hardy Mexican dinner.