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Since the soccer players in Bend It Like Beckham were too grown up, especially (ahem) off the field, the only youth-soccer movie out there is Ladybugs, with Rodney Dangerfield as a harried wannabe corporate exec whose promotion and upcoming nuptials depend on his coaching a hapless girls' soccer team to victory. He is aided in his quest by his fiancée's son (Jonathan Brandis), who masquerades as a girl to get close to the boss' daughter. The movie was actually worse than it sounds; Brandis grew up, got into drugs and committed suicide. But everything Ladybugs was, AYSO is not. AYSO is fun and light-hearted, dedicated to teamwork and the sheer joy of movement and physical activity. It's a great way to introduce young ones to the fun of sport.

Runner up:

2. YMCA, Various locations