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Best Rock Music Station

KFMA FM 92.1/101.3

Just as KFMA's playlist has undergone changes since its start in the early '80s, music as a whole has undergone a few changes as well. Alternative, punk and grunge are some of the rock styles that emerged after the musical evolution of the '60s, and Tucson's home for the massive archive of these "new rock" tunes continues to be KFMA. Emerging artists, top hits and events like KFMA Day make this station "rock your face off." Programs including The Drive Thru and 3@3 keep it fresh. Not satisfied to rotate the same tunes from the past like a beat-up turntable, KFMA pumps up the volume and keeps the Old Pueblo rockin'.

Runners up:

2. KLPX FM 96.1

3. KXCI FM 91.3

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