Best Of Tucson®

Best Rock Music Station

KFMA FM 92.1/101.3

If you want to start your day old-school with Van Halen's "Jump," or contemporary with Kings of Leon, KFMA pours it on. What you won't hear is Lionel Richie singing "Hello," but you might catch the latest dirt on his daughter during The Frank Show in the morning. Matt Spry mans the microphone midday, and Chris the Ego handles the afternoon drive. The station actively seeks listener input on its musical selections—and when listening to the station, please make sure your subwoofer is firmly nailed down. The correct volume setting for KFMA is environmentally sensitive: It should be set no more than two decibels below your neighborhood's threshold for issuing red tags.

Runners up:

2. KLPX FM 96.1

3. KCXI FM 91.3