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Best Rock Music Station

KFMA-FM 92.1

READERS' PICK: If you want to rock out on something newer than Grand Funk Railroad, this is the place you need to be , 24/7 of the newest bands to blaze a trail into rock history, and not a bunch of re treads whose 401K's went up there noses in the 70's and are now struggling with their condo payments. Its all here, its all new, and it all ROCKS! 'Nuff said.

READERS' POLL RUNNER-UP: KLPX-FM 96.1 If you DO want to rock out to Grand Funk Railroad, well, these guys don't play that stuff, either. But they do offer a fun mix of old and new. From killer Stones to "Bad To The Bone," KLPX is for you and yo' daddy!

LOOSE CHANGE: Radio Limbo 103.3 FM. If you're one among the growing minions who realize that CORPORATE RADIO SUCKS, then you've most likely heard about or listened to our own pirate radio station (er, I mean Low Power), Radio Limbo. Anarchy on the radio is a proud American tradition. Come on pal, you've got nothing to lose but a bunch of brainless radio commercials and the same songs repeated, ad infinitum. Tune into Limbo and tune out the rest.

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