Best Of Tucson®

Best Roadside Attraction

The Thing

I-10 east, Exit 322

STAFF PICK: Regain youth's greasy curiosity with a day-trip to The Thing, located east of Benson through Texas Canyon. Go in innocence -- do not tell those who can not honor secrets or nurture imagination. The cost of entry is one flat dollar (less than the price tag on the Mexican jumping beans), and where else in AZ can you see Hitler's Car, Lincoln's Buggy and organic matter painted by some Dalí artiste in the middle of a trailer park? Ask one of the sideburned managers, and he'll half-heartedly tell you The Thing was discovered 80 years ago in a cave in Flagstaff. Know that for a buck and a tank of gas you ain't gonna see the body of Christ. But you will have a revelation. (Warning: if you hope to return from your voyage with evidence, we strongly discourage straddling The Thing with your 35-mm zoom, because you may lose your balance, lurch into the metal shed and have only a large bruise on your forearm to show for it.)