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Best Revitalization Effort on Miracle Mile

Monterey Court

Ah, Miracle Mile. Once the scenic entrance into Tucson, it's been known for the past few decades as the seedy underbelly of Tucson. So when we started hearing about this hip new shopping district that featured local artisans and a café, we thought, well, it's finally happened: Fat ladies are flying; pigs are singing; and now someone wants us to willingly go to Miracle Mile to eat and buy jewelry. But the road to hell doesn't actually seem quite so hellish now that Monterey Court is there. They've painted the old motel a revitalizing blue, and converted all the rooms into cute shops where you can buy everything from homemade dog biscuits (Blue Dog Confectionary and Gallery) to recycled art (AZaquaculture and Diabolis Designs). They have live music every Friday and Saturday evenings, and we hear the sangria at the café is amazing.