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You may not be able to find a CD of your favorite 18th-century hornpipes, reels or jigs--then again, you might--but if you're looking for the latest by Pharrell, Hawthorne Heights, LeToya or Tom Petty, Zia has been the place to shop for music, and an Arizona tradition, for more than two decades. You can often find those discs in pristine used condition, right up against the new ones in the racks. Listening stations, oodles of DVDs, a little jazz, country and world music, the sickest metal and rap selections in town and a staff that has been becoming increasingly friendly since the godawful snootiness of the '90s--Zia's got it all.

Runners up:

2. Hear's Music, 2508 N. Campbell Ave., 795-4494

3. CD City, 2890 N. Campbell Ave., 318-3339

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