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Zia Record Exchange

Downloading music is fine, but sometimes you just want to feel it in your hands. As in an actual CD. In an actual case. You want to peruse its cover. Read the fine print. Feel its heft. Sometimes you may want a brand-spanking new version; sometimes second-hand is just what you're looking for. And sometimes you may want to purge your own collection, trading in the perfectly good for the perfectly better. That would make Zia Record Exchange your playground. New and used CDs, DVDs and vinyl—games, too—are yours to browse and buy. You can also buy concert tickets, enter to win prizes, attend CD-release parties and enjoy performances and signings. And if you just don't feel like being sociable, you can download tunes to your heart's desire from Zia's impressive website.

Runners up:

2. Toxic Ranch Records

424 E. Sixth St.


3. Bookmans Entertainment Exchange

6320 E. Speedway Blvd.


3733 W. Ina Road


1930 E. Grant Road


Probably a sign we should just get rid of this category: Three votes for "Zip's"