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Zia Record Exchange

One day far too soon, those of us who remember the days of vinyl, eight-tracks, cassettes and CDs will tell stories of hiking three miles uphill in the 110-degree heat to visit a record store and buy a new album. Sadly, record stores are going the way of (insert your favorite old-media form here) and slipping into memory. But not Zia Record Exchange. For many years, Zia—the place to go for new and used records in Arizona—has not only kept the light burning, but kept it burning bright. They've done this by sticking to their independent roots, and stocking the music that kids want. This is an incredibly important thing: Some kids don't have an iPod, or an MP3 player, or a computer, for that matter, and those kids need places like Zia to introduce them to the wonders of music.

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