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Zia Record Exchange

Sure, Tucson has its share of mom-and-pop specialty stores and national chain behemoths, but for your one-stop music fixes, you've once again chosen regional chain Zia as your favorite. With three locations scattered throughout the city--eastside, westside and central--it's a convenient joint to hit up for that song you just heard on the radio, as well as all varieties of sonic pleasures that you will never hear on the radio. In addition to a vast array of new and used CDs in all genres, the stores also stock a healthy selection of DVDs, a smattering of vinyl and some standard record store trinkets, like jewelry and hair dye. And don't let the funny haircuts and facial piercings scare you; the staff is as friendly as a politician in an election year, always willing to answer questions or special order that hard-to-find CD that no one in town stocks.

Runners up:

2. Hear's Music, 2508 N. Campbell Ave.

3. CD City, 2890 N. Campbell Ave.

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