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Buffalo Exchange

READERS' PICK: For what it's worth, you better stop and look what's goin' down at Buffalo Exchange. Since the rent is always due, you can trade your old clothes for cash or credit. Not only will you find a great assortment of used and vintage clothing at the Buff, there's plenty of interesting stuff at the front of the store, too. What a day you'll have checking out the books, knickknacks and groovy jewelry. As you go round and round and round the store, you'll see jeans, tops, dresses, shorts, shoes and more, ranging from designer labels to yesterday's style. They also take special care of the guys with lots of men's fashions. As you pay the price for your goodies, accept a token instead of a shopping bag and Buffalo Exchange donates 5 cents to charity. On the way home, be sure to visit their plus-size and kids' stores.

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