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Best Recreation Area in Southern Arizona

Sabino Canyon

Sabino Canyon provides everyone in Tucson a front row seat to the desert rock-and-roll show. Once you enter the canyon, you're in an oasis of cottonwood trees, innumerable bird species, and most of the year, running water. The majestic saguaro, perpetually looking like it wants to receive several high-fives, is a familiar sight along the canyon slopes. It's an extremely popular destination, open nice and early for the locals to get their long walks and bike rides up and back down the 3.8 miles of paved road before the trams full of tourists begin running at 9 a.m. For those who eschew pavement, fear not! There are many beautiful trails that extend in all directions from the road, and it's well worth branching out to explore these options when you get the chance.

Runners up:

2. Mount Lemmon

3. Madera Canyon

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