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Best Recreation Area In Southern Arizona

Mount Lemmon

READERS' PICK: So lucky we are to have this piney wonderland right in our own back yard. It takes about an hour to drive the 27 miles all the way to Ski Valley. You'll rise more than 6,000 feet from Tucson to the 9,157-foot summit and feel a delightful drop in temperature. And the ongoing road construction gives you a chance to visit sans the unwashed masses. With five campgrounds and a total of 202 spaces, there are enough tables and grills to sizzle weenies for every man, woman and child at a Sidewinders home game. And that's not including the nine sites just for the picnic-only crowd. You can ski, hike, climb rocks and even try your hand at fishing, and still make it home in time to rake the gravel and tend your succulents.