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Best Reasons to Drive to Phoenix

In-n-Out Burger, Various locations; not in Tucson

Fatburger, Various locations; not in Tucson

Someone please call the offices of Grijalva, Kolbe, Kyl and McCain, and get them to do an investigation on why the hell there is not an In-n-Out or a Fatburger in Tucson. This is a crime of epic proportions! This means when we're hankering for a massive, freshly-made burger at a drive-thru joint, we have to drive two-plus hours into that godforsaken circus of traffic that is Phoenix. In all seriousness, we can't figure out why there isn't an In-n-Out or a Fatburger here yet. They'd rake in the dough! (Keep your fingers crossed, though: Fatburger's just announced plans for "rapid national expansion." Let's hope Tucson's part of that.)

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