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Best Reason to Stay at Home on Saturday Nights

Svengoolie on Me-TV

Years ago, before late-night television became a wasteland of infomercials and other paid programming, you could watch some pretty awesome low-grade B and Z movies into the wee hours. If you were lucky, they were presented by some local yokel in greasepaint standing in a cardboard graveyard. These were the horror hosts, and they had names like Ghoulardi, Zacherley and Elvira. One still stands. His name is Svengoolie, and you can catch him on the Me-TV network Saturday nights at 10 p.m. He tells corny jokes, does song parodies of the movie being played (usually a classic Universal monster movie) and gets pelted by rubber chickens from the off-screen crew. It's way more entertaining than getting a drink spilled on you at a club.