Best Of Tucson®

Best Radio Talk Show Host

Jon Justice, KQTH FM 104.1 (The Truth)

Although this year the race was a bit closer than most years, this category will likely belong to Jon Justice as long as he's handling the morning show on the dubiously monikered "The Truth" (hey, we had to get that one in there). While as a staff policy, we agree with Justice as rarely as possible and we think the whole "I'm just an entertainer" bit is a bit of a cop-out, at least he keeps topics moving, has more of a base of knowledge about city politics that most of his peers, and almost borders on listenable at times. He's secure enough in his thinking to have had Tucson Weekly editor Dan Gibson on once and has decent taste in '80s synthpop. This completes our annual obligation to be somewhat nice to the guy. Until next year.

Runners up:

2. Frank Brinsley, Frank Show, KLPX FM 96.1

3. Jody Oehler, ESPN Radio FM 104.9/AM 1490