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Best Radio Talk Show (Host)

Amy Goodman,

Amy Goodman is an honorary pirate. With her deep, resonating snarl and her deliberate question-asking, she leaps onboard the latest political struggle or social injustice, brandishes her journalistic machete and takes no survivors. Every show, her guests and commentators provide insight and perspective, and, unlike most news programs, Goodman lets her guests talk, unedited, so that they sound like the actual, real people that they are. From an unflinching discussion of whatever the current crisis is to in-depth analysis of the war in Iraq, Democracy Now! is the skull-and-crossbones flag most Republican ships don't want to see flying starboard.

Runners up:

2. Frank, The World Famous Frank Show, KFMA FM 92.1,

3. Johnjay and Rich, KRQQ FM 93.7,

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