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Best Radio Talk Show (Host)

Amy Goodman, Democracy Now!

Amy Goodman's daily balancing act as the host of the nationally syndicated Democracy Now! is one of the rare pleasures and highlights of modern radio. Her preternatural calm and even-handedness while examining different sides of an issue--even when her personal sentiments clearly lie on one side--mark her as a formable presence. She pointedly chips away to get to the heart of a subject (and those pleading their version of current events) with a thoughtful and succinct approach that is the very antithesis of the hysteria and hyperbole that passes for public discourse on much of the rest of "talk radio." Ms. Goodman is pretty much public servant No. 1.

Runners up:

2. Frank, The World-Famous Frank Show, KFMA 92.1 FM
3. John C. Scott, KJLL 1330 AM

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