Best Of Tucson®

Best Radio Talk Show (Host)

Amy Goodman/Democracy Now!, KXCI 91.3 FM

Broadcasting from New York City, Amy Goodman isn't exactly local. But her show, Democracy Now!, airs weekdays at 3 p.m. on KXCI 91.3, so perhaps that makes her local enough. Geography aside, Goodman's award-winning reporting remains untamed by the whips of "patriotism" that seem to have much of mainstream media jumping through hoops. Her voice crackling with earnestness, Goodman is committed to reporting the stories she believes we must hear, stories that most of us would never otherwise encounter--eyewitness accounts, interviews, lectures. After an hour with Goodman, you may be outraged, you may be frustrated and you may be sickened, dismayed, despondent or even terrified, but you will definitely be more enlightened.

Runners up:

2. Mike Rapp, KNST 790 AM

3. John C. Scott, KTKT 990 AM